Revised Masterplan Planning Application


Revised Masterplan Planning Application

There are two key forthcoming planning applications for Silvertown to be progressed in 2022: a new ‘hybrid’ masterplan planning application for the entire site and a separate application for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across Royal Victoria Dock.

Please view our March community exhibition boards 
here that present the emerging masterplan and new proposals in more detail.

This birds-eye view shows the Silvertown site (outlined) next to Royal Victoria Dock and opposite the ExCeL. The Greenwich O2, Canary Wharf, and the City of London can be seen in the background.

The Silvertown Partnership will be submitting a new hybrid planning application for the Silvertown site. This proposal presents an alternative vision for the site when compared to the 2016 planning permission. This hybrid application will include an ‘outline’ component for the site’s wider masterplan and a ‘full detail’ component for Phase 1 of the project, with two additional plots.

To help us shape the masterplan, we want to hear from you about Silvertown's present and future:

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The next few pages provide more information about the emerging masterplan, including more detail on residential and working neighbourhoods, new connections across the Royal Docks, and our public realm and water strategies. 

On every page you will find survey questions like the ones above to let us know what you think of the proposals. 


The Emerging Masterplan

The emerging masterplan is centred around distinctive neighbourhoods, or character areas, with their own look and feel. These character areas will celebrate the industrial, manufacturing, and waterfront heritage of Silvertown and the Royal Docks.

At the heart of the new plans for Silvertown is the ambition to create inclusive, accessible, and dynamic places for residents, visitors, and commuters.

Silvertown's character areas and key features.

The emerging masterplan for Silvertown is comprised of four distinct character areas: Silvertown Centre (Mills Quarter and Silo D), Pontoon Dock, Silverworks, and Victoria Gardens.

Mills Quarter and Silverworks are proposed as two new and distinct places to work. There will be between 8,000 to 11,000 jobs across the site, with 5,000 to 6,000 jobs in Mills Quarter and 1,500 to 3,000 jobs in Silverworks. These new workspaces will include offices, cultural and exhibition spaces, shed and makers’ spaces, retail space, restaurants, and cafés.

Silo D, Pontoon Dock and Victoria Gardens are proposed as the three major residential neighbourhoods. 

Across the Silvertown site, 6,000-6,500 homes will be provided in total, with 50% affordable, to help meet Newham's housing needs. This includes intermediate tenures, like shared ownership.

Silvertown Centre: Silvertown Centre incorporates both Millennium Mills and Silo D which are linked by new a high street to create a town centre for the Royal Docks.

1. Royal Victoria Dock Bridge Landing: This landing will be the gateway to Silvertown from Custom House and offer new public realm.

2. Mill Square: Sitting in Silvertown Centre, Mill Square will be home to workspaces, shops, restaurants and cafés. 

3. Silo D Park: A new park will be created around Silo D, linked to Millennium Mills by the new high street.

Pontoon Dock: The Pontoon Dock neighbourhood brings together two previously identified areas under the previous masterplan: Victoria Waterside and Pontoon Dock. Part of the existing Pontoon Dock will be infilled to support the delivery of more housing and public spaces.

4. Pontoon Place: Pontoon Place celebrates the site’s history, creating a new vibrant mixed-use waterfront location for sports, leisure and relaxing.

Silverworks: Silverworks will be a mixed-use neighbourhood with homes, workspaces, and public spaces. Unlike the workspaces in Silvertown Centre, this area will provide workspaces for making, doing and learning, from light manufacturing to film studios. Along the dock front, X Park will provide leisure and sport opportunities.

5. X Park: An almost 1km loop provides various opportunities for play through a varied landscape, and growing space similar to modern day allotments.

6. Silverworks Yard: This corridor hopes to attract creatives and makers with flexible spaces and a bustling, social environment.

Victoria Gardens: Victoria Gardens is Silvertown’s family neighbourhood. Internal courtyards will link residential blocks and provide playspaces of all types for all ages. This neighbourhood will be adjacent to the new primary school in Silverworks. This will support a diverse and family-oriented neighbourhood.

7. Victoria Walk: Victoria Walk is the main public realm through-way that provides residents with a relaxing environment and local play.

The next page provides an overview of our public realm strategy.


Public and Open Space

Creating pleasant and open environments that encourage interaction between people and place is key for Silvertown. The public and open spaces are designed to be flexible and accommodate different activities, like sports, play and rest.

This is supported by a wider public realm network to connect Silvertown’s character areas, key destinations points, and existing neighbourhoods to the wider Royal Docks area.

Silvertown's proposed green and open spaces.

The emerging masterplan also responds to the need for extensive and varied playspaces to accommodate a larger number of families across the site and young people and youth are central to our planning.

Open spaces across the Silvertown site will accommodate a range of activities that promote active and healthy lifestyles to benefit mental and physical wellbeing. These proposed active uses respond directly to the environment and space that they are located, whether that be water, green space or urban environments.

The revised public realm strategy for the site aims to create more flexible spaces that will provide a better user experience, by creating open spaces that are designed, curated, and managed to ensure everyone feels welcome, safe, and comfortable.

A key ambition of Silvertown’s regeneration is to incorporate the water’s past industrial usage into its future identity. This will be achieved by activating the waterfront, creating connections through the site and providing space for water-based activities.

The next page goes into more detail about our aims to connect Silvertown to the wider Royal Docks area. 


Creating New Connections

The emerging masterplan’s design ensures that connections and streets provide opportunities for communities to come together and experience all that Silvertown will have to offer in an inclusive and accessible way.

The image above shows the key connections across Silvertown's masterplan.

Reimagining how we move around the Silvertown area is key to this masterplan. 

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The key principles of the masterplan to better connect Silvertown and the Royal Docks include: 

  • Connecting Newham’s diverse communities with a new town centre for everyone.
  • Prioritising local connections to social infrastructure, including a new high street in Silvertown Centre, a new primary school, and other community services.
  • Supporting and enhancing North Woolwich Road as an important avenue that connects with the site and the wider area.
  • Building on the Royal Docks Public Realm Framework.
  • Enabling north to south pedestrian connections for the Royal Docks.
  • Encourage active travel across the Royal Docks area through walking and cycling routes.

A key driver for the development of Silvertown is to provide a new high street with more amenities serving and connected to the new and existing communities. 

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