Dock Infill Planning Application


Dock Infill Planning Application

You can view more information about this application on our March Community Exhibition boards, available here.

The map above shows the character areas of Silvertown and the partially filled area of Pontoon Dock (hatched).

A Reserved Matters Application (RMA) was submitted in February 2022 seeking permission for works comprising the infilling of part of Pontoon Dock.

The application seeks approval for the infilling of the area of dock within Phase 1 (western most part of the Silvertown site) using surplus materials created during the Phase 1 earthworks. These earthworks are necessary to create a level site for development. 

The reclaimed land created by the dock infill will be used for the development of new homes and public spaces.

Our approach

The infill process involves sectioning off the identified area with a new dock wall. Water is then drained and is replaced with surplus earthwork materials from the wider Silvertown site. Layers of earth are then added until it reaches ground level. This land will then be used for future construction.

The approach proposed allow us to develop the site in a more sustainable way through the on-site retention and re-use of surplus materials from the Phase 1.  This will help us minimise the waste produced by the development and reduce the volume of vehicle trips required in and out of the site.  

The following details will be addressed in concurrent applications: 

  • Ecological Management Plan: to ensure a minimal impact to the site's ecology.
  • Compensatory Fishery Habitats: setting out proposed aquatic habitats to be delivered concurrently and following the dock infill works.
  • Remediation Strategies and Verification Plans: ensuring any potential ground contamination issues are addressed and managed accordingly.
  • Archaeological Written Scheme of Investigation: ensuring any archaeological findings are investigated and responded to.
  • Environmental Management and Method Statement, and Construction Logistics Plans: ensuring construction works and related activities have a minimal impact on the environment.

Due to the nature of land reclamation projects, there will be some negative impacts on existing aquatic biodiversity. As part of the infill proposals, several habitat mitigation and protection measures will be put in place and a significant amount of new aquatic habitat will be included during infill works and after, to compensate for any habitat loss.

For more information or to be kept up to date on the dock infill and the site's other enabling works, please see the Let's Get Started page.